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FIRST STEPS It seems like forever since that casual conversation I had as a new NSAI President with the big kahunas of two major music business trade organization about the upcoming 2006 CRB trial. In fact in music business time, it … Continue reading

Never Had a REAL Job

Now that I’m an “ex officio” songwriter advocate, I’ve been reflecting on the amazing journeyman’s journey I’ve had in this business. The people whose lives I’ve touched and those who’ve touched mine seemed so ordinary at the time, but when … Continue reading


More than at any time in my fifteen plus years of volunteer songwriter advocacy, there is a growing awareness in Washington DC of the desperate need for sweeping changes in our antiquated Copyright System.  Because we have a true believer … Continue reading

Songwriter Equity Act

Though Paul Allen’s recent Tennessee Voice piece made some valid points, it omitted some very important facts regarding the current plight of music creators in Nashville.  Yes, a terrestrial payment for radio is airplay long overdue for artists and labels.  … Continue reading


In the world of “sync,” (putting music with commercials, film or video) the songwriter is like any other free American citizen.  He can say yes or no to a negotiated price for his work, usually the same fee as the … Continue reading


NEW CAR WITH AN OLD ENGINE I recently got to sit in with some of Music City’s entertainment industry power players for an introductory conversation with the new U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker.  She’s a music fan, interested in … Continue reading

Songwriting and the Nashville Business Journal

I recently had an interesting hour and a half coffee / conversation with Jamie McGee, who covers entertainment, technology and tourism for the Nashville Business Journal.  It felt way more like a friendly exchange between two (new) old friends with … Continue reading


  OR:   Decimal Point, 122 Zeros, One I was listening to a really cool “Ted Talk” the other day.  It included interviews and comments from people doing SETI research, physicists, and scientists who know about quantum physics and all … Continue reading

Internet Radio (Un)Fairness Act Dead

The totally UNFAIR “Internet Radio Fairness Act” was defeated in Congress this week, thanks to efforts by NSAI, NARAS and other groups that support the value of music. So now Pandora, a great music service, can continue to pay artists … Continue reading