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“When The Credits Roll”-George Strait - to be released
“Every One of You”-Trace Adkins - to be released
“Hurricane”-Dustin Lynch - new CD
“Sittin’ Pretty”-Dustin Lynch - new CD
“Long Trip Alone”-Dierks Bently - #9 single
“Every Mile a Memory” - Dierks Bentley - #1 single
“Wherever You Are” - Jack Ingram - #1 single
"Carrying Your Love With Me" - George Strait - #1 single
"Carried Away" - George Strait - #1 single
“Jealous Bone" -Patty Loveless - #7 single
"New Fool at an Old Game”- Reba McEntire - #1 single
"Til You Cry" - Eddie Raven - #1 single
"Hangin' In" - Tanya Tucker - #1 single
"Mornin' Ride"- Lee Greenwood - #1 single
"Prayin' For Daylight" -Rascal Flatts - #1 single
"There You Have It"-Blackhawk - #3 single
"I Wanna Feel That Way Again"- Tracy Byrd - #5 single
"Long Lost Friend" -Restless Heart - #5 single
"A Woman Loves" -Steve Wariner - #9 single
"I'll Cry Tomorrow"-Larry Stewart - Top-20 single
"We Got The Love"-Restless Heart - Top-10 Single
"Touch Me With Magic"-Marty Robbins - Top-10 single
"Nickajack-River Road - Top-20 single
"Say I" -Alabama - #33 Single
"If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again"-Clay Walker - #25 single
"Freedom Train"-James Carr - (R&B single #14)
“I Meant To”-Brad Cotter - #34 single
"If I Could See Love"-Brett James - #53 single
"Just Another Heartache"-Bandana - single #47
"She Wrote The Book"-Rob Crosby - single #45
"The Rhythm of Romance"-The Kendalls - single #57
“Bigger Fish To Fry”-Brad Paisley
“Old Joe Riley” -Dean Brodie
"Life Is Good" -Kenny Chesney
"Take Me Away From Here"-Tim McGraw
"You Get Used To Somebody" -Tim McGraw
“Can’t Tell Me Nothin’” -Tim McGraw
"Renegade" -Tim McGraw
“Little Heartwrecker”-Dierks Bentley
“Is Anybody Lovin' You" -Dierks Bentley
"I Can Only Think of One" -Dierks Bentley
“I’ll Die Tryin’” -Emerson Drive
“Easy As You Go”-George Strait
"I Look At You" -George Strait
"Why Not Now"-George Strait
"Pain To Kill" -Terri Clark
“Bigger Fish To Fry”-Brad Paisley
"Out Go The Lights"-Lonestar
"You Don't Know What Love Is"-Lonestar
“I’ll Die Tryin’“-Lonestar - (single)
"I Think I Love You" -Diamond Rio
"Do Right By Me"-Reba McEntire
"Wish I Were Only Lonely" -Reba McEntire
“I Wish It Was You” -Trace Adkins
“Ordinary Day” -Oak Ridge Boys
"Where Does Love Go When It's Gone"- Waylon Jennings
“Choose Your Partner”-Bering Strait
“What We Knew Then”-Restless Heart
"Sweet Auburn”-Restless Heart
"No Way Out" -Restless Heart
"Lost In A Kiss" -Mark Wills
“Permanently" -Mark Wills
“Can’t Tell Me Nothin’”-Travis Tritt
"Damn Your Eyes"-Etta James
"Damn Your Eyes"-Zap Mama
"Damn Your Eyes"-Sinead O'Connor
"The Change"-Highway 101
"Nobody Knows What To Say”-Blackhawk
"Between Ragged And Wrong” -Blackhawk
"Not Enough Love To Go 'Round"-Conway Twitty
"I Want To With You"-David Ball - (single #55)
"Above It All" -The Larkins
"She Gives" -Emilio - (single #64)
“What Else Is There" -Billy Ray Cyrus
"She's Got Everything Money Can’t Buy”- Rhett Akins
"Stuck On Your Love"-Emilio
"A Wing and A Prayer"-Marc Beeson - (single #47)
“Lay My Burden Down” -Rita Coolidge
“You Touched Me In The Morning”-Rita Coolidge
“You Touched Me In The Morning”-Dee Dee Warwicke
“Lay Down My Burden”-Delaney and Bonnie
"Who's Foolin' Who"-Delbert McClinton
“Throwaway Day”-Adam Greagory
"Bobby and Juanita"-The Woodies
"Forever Works For Me”-Neal McCoy
"Forget The Job"-The Dirt Band
"The Girl Formerly Known As Mine”-Ricochet
"Guitar Talk"-Jonathan Edwards
"Hangin' By A Thread"-Ricochet
“Hangin’ By A Thread”-Jeff Carson
"Instead of Losin' You"-Curtis Day
"I Should Have Listened To Me"-Yankee Gray
"Last Chance"-Andy Williams
“One Track Memory”-Andy Williams
"Sometimes Love's Not A Pretty Thing"-Zaca Creek - #38
”Lookin’ At You”-Mac Davis
"You Beat All I've Ever Seen”-Ricochet
"Not Another Heart Song"-Tom Jones
“Old Joe Reilly”- Dean Brodie
"Bury Me Deep"- Tim Ryan
"Cry To Me"-Jim Photoglo
"Nothin' Nobody Can Say"-McBride & The Ride
“Anything That Touches You”-Terry McBride
"Sure Feels Like It"-Terry McBride
"All I Need"-The Oak Ridge Boys
“All I Need”-The Forresters
"Crazy Heart"-The Forester Sisters
"No Way Out"-The Oak Ridge Boys
“Ordinary Days”-The Oak Ridge Boys
“Voices of Rejoicing Love”-The Oak Ridge Boys
"I Wanna Live Forever"-Emilio
"Red Hot Love"-Tom Wopat
"Give Me Time"-Philip Claypool
"Holdin' Out For You"-Billy Dean
"You Can't Take It With You”-William Lee Golden - (single #72)
“You Can’t Take It With You"-T. Graham Brown - (single #38)
"Let's Jam"-The Four Tops
"Toss A Little Bone"-Confederate Railroad - #51
"Moment of Truth"-Suzy Boggus
"Ol'Lonesome" -Danni Leigh
"Somebody's In Love"-Danni Leigh
"Somebody's In Love"-David Frizell
"What A Waste of a Perfectly Good Hotel Room"- Louise Goffin
"With A Love Like Yours"-Dania McVicker
Two Women, One Man” -Dania McVicker
"Where Does Your Love Go From Here"-Dania McVicker
“Miss That Plane” -Brad Cotter
“I Miss Me”-Brad Cotter - (produced)
“Hard To Be A Rock”-Brad Cotter - (produced)
“Patient Man” -Brad Cotter - (produced)
“I’ve Got Time”-Brad Cotter - (produced)
“High On Love”-Brad Cotter - (produced)
"The Wall"-Michelle Wright - (produced) - #1 Canadian single
"New Kind Of Love" -Michelle Wright- (produced) - #21 single
"A Heartbeat Away"-Michelle Wright - (produced) - #35 single
"All You Really Wanna Do"-Michelle Wright - (produced) - #28 single
"The Change"-Michelle Wright - (produced) - #41 single
“One Good Man" -Michelle Wright - (produced) - #57 single
"Woman's Intuition"-Michelle Wright - (produced) - #71 single
"The Longest Night" -Michelle Wright - (produced)
"Guitar Talk"-Michelle Wright - (produced)
"Wide Open"-Michelle Wright - (produced)
"I Want To Count On You”-Michelle Wright - (produced)
“Don't Start With Me"-Michele Wright - (produced)
"Keep The Change"-Duane Steele - (produced)
“Stuck On Your Love”-Duane Steele - (produced) - #1 single
"She's Tough" -Duane Steele - (produced) - #1 single
"Top Down In The Rain"-Duane Steele - (produced) - #7 single
“Invisible” -Deric Ruttan - (produced)
"When You Come Around"-Deric Ruttan - (produced) - single
“To Be Where You Are”-Deric Ruttan - (produced)
"The More I Love You"-Jerry Kilgore - (produced)
"It's Dangerous With You On My Mind"-Jerry Kilgore - (produced)
"The Real Thing"-Jerry Kilgore - (produced)