Internet Radio (Un)Fairness Act Dead

The totally UNFAIR “Internet Radio Fairness Act” was defeated in Congress this week, thanks to efforts by NSAI, NARAS and other groups that support the value of music. So now Pandora, a great music service, can continue to pay artists and writers at least a small portion of what their work is worth. And Big Tech learns the lesson they’ve been trying to teach the music industry for years, they can’t legislate profits, they have to earn them.

This year overall music sales are up, digital tracks and album sales being the main factor, with the addition of the growth of on demand and subscription services like Pandora and Spotify. ¬†If we can get the royalty structures to make sense through marketplace negotiations, we could be on the verge of a new Guttenberg Era for America’s Creative Class. ¬†Musicians, tech and entrepreneurs CAN collaborate to satisfy consumers and maintain America as the wellspring of the world’s greatest music.

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